The IRF Roundtable is a safespace where NGOs, individuals, and government officials from all faiths and none work together for freedom of religion or belief globally. We launch multi-faith initiatives, advocacy projects, and have Working Groups that any participant can be involved with. We meet every Tuesday virtually to discuss issues going on in the International Religious Freedom world. 



There are multiple ways to get involved with the International Religious Freedom Roundtable!

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Joining with diverse groups helps build momentum on policy. Any participant group can propose letters and float them through the RT for organization and/or individual signatures.


Roundtables around the world are being set up to confront persecution, secure rights, and coordinate civil society across ideological and religious differences.


Follow @IRFSecretariat, the convener of the IRF Roundtable, for connections to other NGOs, updates on IRF, and events going on in the IRF sphere. We're on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram.


There are multiple ways to get more involved as an organization with the International Religious Freedom Roundtable and summit events




Founded in 2010, the IRF Roundtable is an informal group of individuals from all faiths and none, including governments, who gather regularly to discuss IRF issues on an off-the-record basis.  

The IRF Roundtable has and will continue to advocate, and advise on policies regarding international religious freedom around the world and even in the United States.


These advocacy efforts may look like Multi-Faith Letters, Multi-Faith events, working with foreign governments, or advising on legislation in the United States. Even though the IRF Roundtable operates on an opt-in basis, it works to  engage the U.S. government and urge its leaders to make religious freedom a higher priority in foreign policy and national security; and to directly engage authoritarian governments that are restricting religion, and urge them to improve their laws in order to secure the rights of all.


When they do this, each of the faiths is standing up for each other—they often opt-into joint advocacy actions to address restrictions on others in countries in which their own communities are not being persecuted.


We have seen a high number of legislative successes working with both Democratic and Republican administrations in the US, and multiple parties abroad as well.


The IRF Roundtable has attracted representatives of 800 organizations and launched more than 200 multi-faith initiatives. These initiatives have been deployed by and for people from across the theological and political spectrum as well as across the globe. 

The IRF Roundtable is independent and does not represent any other government or religion.  We welcome all faiths and none to the table, to make sure everyone's voice is heard equally. All activities are led by participants for as many as want to participate.

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If having trouble or have any questions, please email Annie McKinney at annie@irfsecretariat.org.