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Organizing the Premier Annual Religious Freedom Summit in the U.S


The issue of international religious freedom touches every culture, nation, religion, and political system. Its implications are appreciatively complex and innumerable. The IRF Summit 2021 will bring together the broad coalition that passionately supports religious freedom around the globe. Together we will develop a coalition for religious freedom in a wide variety of countries using an array of mechanisms best suited for each circumstance. We will connect resources and advocates interested in religious freedom. Bringing attention to the plight of religious adherents who are persecuted, individually and collectively, as well as growing the grassroots and global movement for religious freedom. Together we will gain political support for the global religious freedom movement and embolden religious groups, civil society, and governments to take stands for religious freedom.

Summit Details

A three day in person event in Washington D.C., July 13th - July 15th, with a virtual option for participation, that will bring together the biggest names in International Religious Freedom from around the world. The program will be robust, put on by a host of convening partner organizations representing different faith traditions and persecuted communities. The Summit will highlight the personal testimonies of victims of religious persecutions and restrictions on religious freedom. The Summit will also provide an opportunity for the convening partners to host side events covering a wide range of important IRF issues.

Becoming a Convening Partner

Convening partners are groups who have agreed to help put on the summit, both through taking part in the programming and planning as well as investing in the vision financially. The levels for convening partners are listed here. For a full list of the opportunities associated with each level, or any related questions, please contact Peter Burns. peter.isaiah.burns@gmail.com

  • Title Partner $100,000 

  • Premier Presenting Partner $50,000 

  • Presenting Partner $25,000 

  • Supporting Partner $10,000 

  • Sponsoring Partner $5,000 

  • Exhibitor Partner $1,000   


The convener of the IRF Roundtable